Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Face Book – 7 Jun 11

I love the ability to express one’s self on Face Book. I also love the fact that if you like what someone else posted you can click, copy, paste and tweak the message as if it were your own. The message below is one that I borrowed from another person’s posting on face book. I’m sure it will have a different meaning to each person in my family that reads it.

Family members are like underpants! Some crawl up your butt; Some get a little sideways; Some are your favorite; Some are holy; Some are cheap and just plain nasty; Some of them are full of poop; Some you don't know how you got them; and Some actually cover your ass when you need them too!

Some of us may focus on one part, while others think that part of the message is clearly talking about someone else. My own brothers and sisters may read the above and say different things about me. One sister may say I’m the favorite, where the other sister may say I get a little sideways. One brother would say that I’m full of shit, and the other may not claim to know me in public. My hope is that no matter their personal opinion of me when push comes to shove that they would be there for me if I needed them. After all blood is thicker than water right?

A while back there was this letter to Dear Abby that went something like this:

Dear Abby,
I met this great girl who I really love. I really want to bring her home to meet the family but I’m nervous. My father is an alcoholic; my mom gambles, one sister is a nun, the other a prostitute. My older brother makes moonshine and the youngest is serving time. My question for you is should I tell her about my brother that plays for the Minnesota Vikings?

You see even in humor families flaws are known but it’s the one odd duck amongst you that wrecks it for everyone. So I’m asking you, are you the odd duck? I suspect I am with my brothers and sisters. Maybe that’s why I was left tied up in the basement a time or two when I was little playing cowboys and Indians. My point is you can pick your friends; your nose and your friend’s nose but you can’t pick your family. You’re stuck with them at birth that’s why the hospitals give your parents a title when you’re born.

Seriously “family” is the one known denominator between me, my brothers and sisters. My posting on face book was slightly humorous, probably bordered on awkward, but it could also be used as a tool to measure yourself in others eyes. If you care about what others might say that is, what part of the message above would your family or friends say closely resembles you?

My own personal belief is that opinions are like butt holes everyone has one. What I do believe is the true measure of a person shouldn’t be the number of friends one has on face book. Instead the true measure of your life should be the number of family and friends at your funeral?

That is all,


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