Friday, June 10, 2011

Irving- 10 Jun 11

Wow! Today a good friend of mine (Ted E. Bear Name changed to protect his identity) said Irving is just an f%$king plant. He said reading my blog sometimes he thinks that Irving is more to me than just a plant. I ask you “Was Wilson more to Tom Hanks than just a volley ball with a hand print on it”? Was the Lone Rangers sidekick Tonto just an Indian? You get the idea I’m sure. I love the guy and honestly believe that if you asked him if these pants make me look fat, he would say no, it’s all the candy and donuts that you eat.

I know Irving isn’t real, I also know he’s not the one that left dirty dishes on the counter last night. He’s not responsible for the electric bill nor does he add his 2 cents worth during a conversation. On the bright side he stands by me and is always there for me when I need him to be. Why just the other day I needed someone to hold the door open. Nobody else offered so Irving did it. He didn’t complain or get an attitude, he just did it.

I suspect that Ted is envious of Irving with his vibrant color and the fact that he can recycle nitrogen into oxygen. Never once has Irving told me that I need to get a real job, or that the food I make tastes bad. When I wake in the morning he’s not there to say I drink too much or that I don’t spend enough time with him. He’s grateful for today and has no expectations of me for tomorrow.

Irving and I have never discussed politics, religion or current events. I’m not sure of his political stance or if he is a member of some cult that gives away daisies at the airport. Instead he seems to thrive when we watch certain gardening shows on TV. Yes he gets nervous when a commercial comes on that has anything to do with killing weeds, cutting grass, or weed whackers. Who wouldn’t get nervous? For us humans it would be just like watching that seat belt commercial where pedestrians jump on this guy’s car and smash the windshield with their heads. The last part of the commercial where the driver gets rear ended and his own head goes through the windshield makes me cringe as well.

Teddy teaches, trains and mentors more people in a day than most people do all month. Seeing him interact with soldiers is amazing he stands firm on his decisions all while taking care of the soldiers he serves. He believes that if you ignore your soldiers they go away. I can’t ever picture Ted crossing the street just to avoid someone walking towards him on the same side walk.

In retrospect maybe Teds right about Irving being just a f%$king plant I mean he’s right about everything else. Between me and you I’m not going to tell Irving and ask that you all do the same.

That is all,


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